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We are your competent partner for all topics relating to travel & expenses. Our international specialists support you during the end-to-end deployment of sustainable software solutions; careful selection, strategic planning, expert implementation, excellent training and proficient maintenance/support.


From booking flights and choosing a hotel to reserving a restaurant for lunch with an important client – your employees leave nothing to chance when preparing your business trip. As a company, you are just as careful in selecting the software that enables your employees to plan and book their travel, create expense reports and receive reimbursements.


To reduce costs while at the same time increasing efficiency, it makes sense to globally harmonize the processes for travel and expense management. Our specialists will explain to you the available options and advise you during the selection of the best suited suppliers and products. We’ll help you find the optimal solution, taking into account the varying requirements in differing markets, regions or of different legal entities and departments within your company - as well as tax legislations and other regulatory requirements across the globe.

Our experts have many years of experience in the travel and expense management area – both nationally and internationally. We will help you find the solution that fits your company best - not just a solution.

Project Management

Your business trips have a clearly defined goal. Does this also apply to the business travel process within your company? Continuous project management is indispensable to ensure you don’t end up going awry. We help you create a clear and concise project objective, define the requirements, plan the individual project phases, design the platform, configure the platform and deploy it to the target markets.


Our team is the bridge between you, the new technology, the vendor of the chosen solution and the involved third parties.

Our team will keep you informed about the current status of your project at all times, identify possible obstacles early on, avoid or mitigate them, stay within the allocated budget and deliver on time.


Have you already found a global travel & expense solution? Then it’s time to implement it. This process commonly requires more than just an implementation team or resource provided by the software vendor. And your internal team most likely does not know how to ensure that the chosen software platform is utilized to its fullest capabilities.
Together with the TMCON team, you rise to this challenge. Our project managers support you during the roll-out, assist you with their technical expertise and prepare your employees for the use of the travel tool in training courses that are tailored to your company. During the implementation phase, if required, we also provide you with additional personnel to lighten your employees’ workload.


  • Project management and/or direct implementation of your travel & expense tool

  • Flexible additional staffing during implementations in case of resource constraints on client side

  • Managed services for admins

  • Training of employees and admins

  • Scanning and archiving your travel & expense receipts

  • Hotline support level 1 and 2


The new software is ready to go. What next? Training courses especially developed by our experts for your company! The TMCON team can train all your employees globally, only employees in particular regions/countries or only specific verticals/teams.
We ensure that your employees and admins use your travel & expense solution efficiently and effectively. Our tailor-made training courses are adapted to your specific needs and relay your specific processes and policies as well as regulatory requirements. 

Networking Event

The requirements and tasks of everyday work are becoming increasingly complex. Using the available personnel resources efficiently is difficult. The TMCON team supports you in outsourcing individual tasks, sub-tasks or even complete business processes.

We can relieve your IT/Travel/Finance/Procurement/HR departments by processing routine tasks that prevent your teams from doing what's really important.

Your advantage: You can concentrate on your core business. Our specialists will be trained on your policies and processes and efficiently apply their expertise to save your company time and money.


Our services are modular and can be acquired individually or stacked:

  • Detailed analysis of the current status

  • Development of a tailor-made solutions

  • Transparent cost calculation

  • Technology consultation and selection

  • Development of a sourcing strategies

  • Transformation and implementation of sourcing strategies


Personal, proficient and lasting support of our customers is important to us. TMCON offers 1st and 2nd level support for platform, software tools and services to optimally support your IT/Travel/Finance/Procurement/HR teams.


No two inquiries or requests are alike. This is why we offer support on two levels. Our 1st Level support is the first point of contact for all questions surrounding Travel and Expense management. The TMCON staff will receive your (or your employee's) requests and process them as per defined SLAs. With our team's experience and know-how, we will provide an answer to any questions. Our 2nd Level Support is geared towards consulting existing client support teams and resolving their more complex requests and questions.

Team Talk
Managed Expense Audit Services
Business Meeting

We offer Expense Audit services to our clients, drastically reducing the burden placed on Finance teams. 

With our partner AppZen and its AppZen Expense Audit Solution powered by Artificial Intelligence, we can implement the perfect system to auto-approve fully-compliant expense reports and manually audit those that are non-compliant. 

We investigate the reasons for non-compliance, interact with your employees and approve expense reports once all expense entries are fully compliant. The data we collect provides information for quarterly management reports and we also use our findings to provide trainings/refreshers to your employees to ensure your policies are understood and followed.   

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